M·A·C & Marcel Wanders [Ej Sverigeaktuell]

MAC & Marcel Wanders Team Up for November

Come November 24th, Marcel Wanders–industrial designer extraordinaire–will team up with MAC Cosmetics in their annual couture/luxe collection.  In case you’re unfamiliar, this luxe launch anniversarizes such collections as Stylistics, Monogram, and Baroque Boudoir.

These luxe collections are always priced significantly higher than your typical MAC collectio (e.g. $22 for a lipgloss) — I don’t have many details on products or pricing here, but if the theme/preliminary image grabs you, just beware that you’ll need to set aside a lil’ more than usual.  The compact looks to be the Sheer Mystery Powder, which they launch in every luxe collection.  There is also Air of Style concentrated perfume, a specially packaged brush (looks like the 187), clutch, and four lipsticks and lipglosses to round it out.

Source: Temptalia + Specktra


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