OPI Shrek Forever After

Funky Dunkey
— What could be more fun than this dark purple?
What’s with the Cattitude? — A moody light blue that’s really a pussycat.
Rumple’s Wiggin’ — And this lavender is “hair” to stay!
Who the Shrek Are You? — A brilliant green that stands up for itself.
Ogre-the-Top Blue — The biggest, bestest bright blue ever!
Fiercely Fiona — Don’t mess with this empowered light green.

Mina favoriter är / My favorites are:

Rumple’s Wiggin’
What’s with the Cattitude?
Fiercely Fiona

China Glaze has a really good dupe for OPI's What's with the Cattitude?
And its called: Bahamian Escape, here's a picture.

pic. from source, found on google.com


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