Essie Summer 2010 Collection

Summer is special. Aside from the wonderful outdoor activities that we wait for all year, we also revel in the opportunity to now wear lighter, brighter and more playful clothing. Finally, we can shed the wool and mohair for cotton and linen. The keyword for summer is: fun! So indulge in seriously sensational color! Don’t be shy — make it the time to play with bold, playful color combinations.

“This year’s runways reflected the ease of the season with youthful, upbeat clothing in feminine fabrics,” explains Essie Weingarten, President and Founder of Essie Cosmetics, Ltd. “I was inspired by the vivid pastels at Versace and the splashy fl orals at DKNY. I created this collection to reflect the youthful, fun-to-wear flirty frocks.” The summer fashion trend is all about mixing and matching, and the summer color palette allows for the same fun and freedom. Choose Miss Matched for fingers and Pretty Edgy for toes, or whatever you fancy – since there is no more matchy-matchy!

Miss Matched
Sweet, sheer, ready for anything pink
Haute as Hello Racy, scorching coral
Knockout Pout Hot supercharged pink
Vermillionaire Heart pounding red orange
Demure Vixen Irridescent Cocoa muave
Pretty Edgy Vivid palmetto green

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Hej Daniella! Vi på 3 tjejer väljer ut en ny skönhetsblogg varje dag. Vi har spanat in dig och vi tycker att du är jättebra. Vi har valt ut dig som dagens bloggflirt. Spana in vår hemsida MVH redaktionen och 3tjejer

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